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What kind of music does your podcast need part 1

In this episode I talk about how to choose a music for your podcast. I play some of my tracks from site and discuss different talking syles.

It is just I have noticed that some podcasts do use agressive music for intros. At the same time podcast has a slow and pleasant flow. It is something we cannot argue - some like it hot and some like it cold. But there is a synergy between podcast content and music style. It has to be the way that music supports podcast host character or several characters.

By the way - there is a mistake on 1:55 on the background. It is so terrible when it happens. It should not sound so awkward. Seams like I cut together completely not listening them. Shame on me 🙂 I will never do this mistake again.

Links in description:


Chill 1


Tume ambient v1

Helipank 2022  |
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