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The map

helipank podcast the map

I like to try my backgrounds on the background. The best method is to create story, record it and try different tracks for background. I think it came out nicely but time is the best judge. When mixing sounds it is always hard to notice any content based nuaces. After a while I return to this episode and listen it again.

In the story I was going to discover mysterious forests in England. I found just one and it was mysterious indeed. The point comes when returning from the forest ant the main subject seems to be a map.

Here are all the tracks I used in this episode:

Ambient Barcelona


Murr mydin 1

Elektrooniline küürimine


Draama - outro


Chill 2

Bicycle, steps and train

Here is a screensot of the working file in Reaper DAW

helipank episode 20 mixing


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