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Some of the music I created for podcasts

In this episode I play recently created music for podcasts. First I decide what kind of music does a podcast need I am working on.

Every podcast has a character. It depends on the subject of the podcast and on the host's character. There are no rules for that so I just make up some ideas. Then I record the basic melody and some parts of the main song. After mixing and mastering I create a background part of the music. Then mix and master it as well.

Second version for the same podcast needs to be different so I decide what are other ways to express musically same character. And again same workflow. Sometimes I come up with the idea for third version ot the music for the same podcast.

After I finished all the versions I mix together some of the beginning words of the first episode and export them as short mo3 files for sending to my client. This is needed for the claient to decie which music goes better for the podcast. After we have agreed the final music I do usually some improvements for the chosen music and finish (master) it well.

I use a DAW called Reaper. And this is how my music project looks like.

 how my music project looks

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