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Shamanic Background Music

shaman akvarell tunnuspildid helipank podcast

In this episode we listen 5 shamanistic background tracks. You might want to use some of those? Or not?

Why shamanic background music?

Shamanic sounds are nowadays more like some ethnic colour or flavour. We - as podcasters - don't look to shamanic sounds as an religious statement. Shamanism is not even a religion, or is it? Wiki says it isi religious practise. Whatever - but the sounds and drums and whispering attitute is what I like the most.

I believe that shamanic term has more power as imagenery and sound connected item. There is no shamanic church as far as I know. Something shamanic lives in our consciousness and sounds activate this idea pattern for us.

Are your ready my dear?

And - by the way - I am still looking my way to do this podcast. I am looking for a format. That's why there are those weird characters playing. I love acting. Voice acting especially. Music brings a lot of different feelings and connections and could be a starting point for a tons of different stories. It is all about storytelling.

In my creative copywriting classes I teach my students how to tell the stories and find more efficient ways to use them in advertising. Most of ythe advertising is pour and idealess nowadays. There is a lot of glishes and self repeating. I do not think that shamanic music could be a part of adrvetisment, but storytelling is definitely!

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Anderou Outro


Looduse Definitsioon

Andero Suveõhtu Taust



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