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Sad Story

In this episode I talk about unique sounds and why your podcast background sound has to be unique. Here is the Sad Story background sound:

Unique background music

Every sound holds an impression. No matter is it a stock music song, or just you singing at your own. Stock music goal is not to be too unique so people would be afraid to  use it.

Sad Story

It is the name of the song. I dod not tell a story behind this song in the episode. I will tell it now. Childre grow really fast and I composed this song after my oldest daughter graduated high school. It is secondary school in Estonia. Now she studies in Tallinn University and I see her every week after my creatice copywriting lecture has ended. Sad point is that just a while ago she was a little mermaid and princess and whatever hero and when she graduated highs school - it was officially over.

Listen to this song here: Sad Story

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