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Kiire sügis

Kiire sügis


Fast time in autumn. Really - do you have always hurry whet it is autumn? I have. This sound is ideal background for peaceful stories. Probably fantasy fiction stories. There are 3 similar sound texture for variation. Story goes like this: welcome to our science lab. Here we have our first room with full of machines doing some important things and here we have second room. In this room please don't touch anything unless you will be playing with your magnetic fields. In third room we test all our equipment for being ready working in real life.

Something like this.

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Helipank 2022  |
我不会说中文,我会用俄语、英语、芬兰语或爱沙尼亚语回答问题欢迎您查找和下载声音。自由。 CC0 许可证。
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