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Somehow I did not know I have 12 tracks on my hard disk that are unpublished and form an album. So I did not compose and album but they just sound together. Üle pööripäeva album takes you to a journey through a year. It all starts with late autumn and ends in autumn too. Over the solstice is the name in Estonian language. And the idea behind this name is the fact that solstice is the real breakpoint of the year, not 31. th of December.

yle pooripaeva kujundus 1000


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Helipank 2022  |
我不会说中文,我会用俄语、英语、芬兰语或爱沙尼亚语回答问题欢迎您查找和下载声音。自由。 CC0 许可证。

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