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Mercury Meditation

helipank mercury meditation

In this episode I tested some of my music for a guided meditation. At there is a category named Meditation. It is not a good sign if I don't record some guided meditations myself. All the background tracks used in this episode are linked on episode page below the player.

Tracks I used in this episode:




This is just me finding these tracks suitable for the guided meditation. And this is also me mixing and editing all this together and mastering. I am alone in this and try to talk about things that seem to me interesting and I thing are useful for other people like me.

I cannot open comments section here, this is because of the malware, bad bots and other idiots. But you can send me e-mail and tell me if you like my show and do you find it useful?

About texts

I wrote this guided meditation text myself after similar ones in youtube, but asked Google Bard to help me put it nice and correct. Some parts of Google Bard are really good, but there is always a tiny red light. Google Bard tries to correct texts always in the same manner. Tonality of the text is always one and the same. Sometimes I even feel that Google Bard sees creative writing the most efficient way to influence people. It sounds conspiracy but facts and numbers are not in my world. I can "see" creative ideas and what is behind those ideas and sentenses. So - I am not going to fix this text here and let it be as it is.

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