In this episode I talk about meditative music. Cathegory called t does not contain music for meditation, but meditation is a term that everybody undersands.

Background music is not always like a music. For example mainstream pop music is often too agressive for bakground. That is why background music takes step back and exposes an energetic pattern that is much more subtle and gentle.

Meditation on the background

Sometimes you want to take a long gaps between the words you say. Your listeners hear music and if this music does not support your long pause, message will not be as powefull as it should be. Your pause does not carry on, it wants to shine.

Right background track

When it comes to finetuning your podcast sound, it is nessessary to try different background tracks. Bringing out your idea is the most important thing in podcast, that is why the track you like might not be the right one on your background.

Try these tracks in my Meditation cathegory, it might happen that you find the perfect one here.

Links to tracks:

Tume ambient v1

Shamaani nutiseade

Veeb tevelopment


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