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Layer by layer

In this episode I explain how I make music. Soundscape track is put together layer by layer. Every layer gives certain feeling or vibration.


Here is the track I am talking about.

Creative mess

Here is what it looks like:

Ümin - Helipank podcast daw screenshot

By the way - there are not too many tracks at all. My things are never in order and I am not an accountant type person. When I have an idea, what sound or instrument to add, I create a new track. So my music layout is messy and I struggle keeping everything under control. Sometimes I listen to my songs later and find interesting or not so interesting aspects of my song. Having a creative mess is sometimes a positive thing.

This is my desk right now. Or just a part of it. Some say that you have to have an order on your desk, otherwise you cannot concentrate. I think that all those things help me feel myself and having a mess is necessary for me.

Helipank - creative mess on my desk

Helipank 2022  |
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