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I compose a music theme for your podcast

1. Listen to my music

listen to my music. I am not a stock musician or other professional musician. I am the musician. My style is here on these pages. I do not compose just any style. Years ago I tried but nothing came out. I am what I am and happy being me 🙂

2. Tell me about yout thoughts

give me a direction. Any reference tracks or cathegory here. What is the subconciuous feeling that music produces? Does it make your podcast more intellectual or do you need a horror movie feeling?

3. Show me your podcast

describe your podcast. What is your subject you are talking about? What is the point of view? Is it informative or sharp? Send link or send some episode mp3 files to me to listen.

4. What kind of musical pieces do you need?

intro, outro, 3 breaks. Need more breaks? Need several intro and outro variations? Need different theme breaks? What else? Do you need a couple of bakcground choises?

5. Technical

How do you record your podcast? Are you recording in a studio or just in some room? How do you add your background or intro and outro? Do you have a podcast mixer (RodeCasterPro) or do you add them in post production? What DAW do you use? How loud should they be? Give dB s or LUFS s or any measurements.

Would you like to get all your music as one track or separate tracks?


Email me.

We can talk in Facebook, Teams or other ways.

Sheck out this soundboard. You can even use them straight out of browser, if you can.

Andero soundboard


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