Helipank podcast

Hosted by 
Uku Nurk
A podcast about background music and sounds. Almoust every track in the Helipank website has his own story to tell.

4 years ago I started podcasting and it came as a lightning to me. Earlier I never thoutgh about a radio show or a podcast. Important role in this change played me starting a freelancer carier.

Podcasts I make

I started with  my own music podcast called Uku Lood (Uku's stories). I am a bedroom musician and never really tried my music to get to the world. But then came a connection between my music making, audio editing I love and presenting my music.

After the first podcast I started second one about marketing.  All earlier years I spend in advertising agnecies and I have a lot to teach. Shortly after my marketing podcast I got a new challenge - marketing radio show in local business radio station. This was a great leap for my podcasting.

Helipank Podcast

Last but not least I started a podcast about my background music. Afterwards I aknowledge clearly that a piece of music is just a track or a sound until I make it special. Helipank Podcast is about to explain my music and what is behind every song.

Why do we need breaks in our episodes?

A break is just a short musical break during episode. I just discovered, I did not say it out loud in my episode. What do you think about breaks? Do you use them? Answer in Anchor messaging.

Shamanic Background Music

In this episode we listen 5 shamanistic background tracks. You might want to use some of those? Or not?


Today's episode we listen 6 bakcground tracks and talk about them. But why birds? You got to listen 🙂

Electronic or natural background music

In today episode I talk about why sould you use electronic music for your episode background.


Sad Story

In this episode I talk about unique sounds and why your podcast background sound has to be unique. Here is the Sad Story background sound:

Giant Buffball

How is this weird mushroom connected to a background sound? More important question is: do you feel the giant buffball in this track?


Today's music is called Mets. Forest, in Estonian language. You can find it here:

Helipank beginning

In the first episode I explain myself and and this podcast purpose too. This podcast is about background music I created. It is ment for podcasters.

Helipank 2020  |
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