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Helipank beginning

In the first episode I explain myself and and this podcast purpose too. This podcast is about background music I created. It is ment for podcasters.

Helipank podcast first episode

This is the first episode and first time to speak English in a podcast. Yes I do speak Englis, but not in public. I listen a lot of podcasts and most of them in English language. I noticed that many hosts do speak really fast. The say a lot of words in a short amount of time. Like they were afraid that listeners get bored. Yes I enjoy those who speak fast and express themselves in a specific manner.

I talk slow

I love how Finnish people do speak - so slowly and  peacefully. Giving a time space for listeners to digest the words. Yes, I agree, that sometimes I do not want to listen such a slow talking myself. I do not like to listen non english hosts to speak bad english. I have a good reason to believe that I am one of these bad English speakers. At least at the beginning.

I'm getting better 🙂

There are some tricks to make your English better and one of these tricks are to write intro and outro down and read in episode. I hope to talk about reading text in episode in some future episode. And I hope I get better in English too 🙂

Helipank 2022  |
我不会说中文,我会用俄语、英语、芬兰语或爱沙尼亚语回答问题欢迎您查找和下载声音。自由。 CC0 许可证。

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