Today's episode we listen 6 bakcground tracks and talk about them. But why birds? You got to listen 🙂

Six background tracks in this episode

Six tracs! What are they for? You decide. Don't just find a track that you like, but find always a track that helps to tell the story. We are talking about podcast background tracks 🙂 In every podcast there is always a personality and background music, intro and outro helps to make your episodes even more powerful.

Birds on the bacground!

What is the deal with birds? Listen to them! They are not singing at the spring. They are shouting, defending, arguing, finghting. You don't have to be a scientist to understand their message. My message comes here: sometimes it is the context that puts a sound to work for you.

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Koroonahaige arvuti

Birds in spring 5

Helipank 2020  |
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